Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekly Report

It's been a pretty laid-back week around here. The public school kids were on Spring Break this week and the weather was gorgeous, so we took a couple days off and the boys were able to spend their days outside with the neighbor kids.

Here's what we did accomplish:

Bible: Greenleaf Guide lesson 15, Tell Me the Truth Chapter 1, God's Devotional Book for Boys, daily

Math: Math-U-See lesson 17 (not finished yet)

Science: Nature Study at park 2x, Burgess Bird Book-3 chapters, Wildlife in Woods and Fields-6 chapters

History: Read 3 articles in Learning Through History-Medieval Japan. Alek wrote and illustrated haiku.

Grammar: English for the Thoughtful Child Lessons 26-27, Explode the Code pages 28-29

Spelling: Spell to Write and Read-Started A list, started numbers page, made spelling word flashcards, continued to review 31 phonograms learned thus far.

Other Read Aloud: The King Without a Shadow by R.C. Sproul, Who Lives Here by Dot & Sy Barlowe

Outings: Park day with the Chi Alpha homeschool group

I think that's about it. Doing this weekly report has really made me realize how far I have to go in my organizational skills. While the kids were out playing this week, I used the time to start organizing for next year. I'm pretty confident that next year will be much smoother and easier.

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