Monday, May 9, 2011

Where Did I Go Wrong?

We've undergone a major food revolution at our house. Gone is the refined sugar and flour. Here to stay are organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains and pastured animal products. I have done a ton of research and experimentation to come to a place where I feel healthy rather than sick all over. Last month, I felt amazing! I was juicing a lot and eating quite a bit of raw fruits and vegetables. Then came Easter time and I started to go downhill. Just a little dessert here, a piece of pizza there but all the health that I had built just came crashing down. I went back to feeling tired, lethargic, headachy, foggy, overly emotional. What a wake up call! So back to whole foods I go and I'm feeling better already. However, something is still not right. I have a sneaking suspicion that candida may be the culprit. Ugh. So not looking forward to a candida-free diet. But, if that's what it takes to be well, so be it. I spent a lot of time yesterday praying and meditating about God's design for food and health. I am continually asking the Maker of this body to show me the path I need to take. The phrase that kept coming back to me is, "God is not mocked." He has given us the foods that we need to be healthy. Then, in our human arrogance, we come along and say "Thanks, God. Now let me just tinker around with it a bit and make it even better!" As if that were even possible. And then we have the audacity to sit down in front of our genetically modified and heavily processed "food" and ask Him to bless it. Do we really suppose He's going to place His blessing upon something that is going to kill us? How foolish we are. Now, having said that, I must admit that not all the foods in my house are organic. As much as I wish I could afford to be 100% organic, I just can't. But we're doing everything we can to get there. We've put in a vegetable garden and I'm planning to do a lot of canning and freezing this summer whenever I can find good prices at the farmer's markets. Amazon Subscribe and Save has been a lifesaver as well. And I'm so thankful for all of the people who have committed to healthy living and blog about their experiences. There is a wealth of amazing recipes out there floating around in cyberspace. I've made a list on the sidebar of some of my favorite healthy blogs. So, my quest for good health continues and I'll be sure to share what I find.