Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Humbled Again

Today was yet another humbling day of parenting. I think my children have taught me far more than I have taught them. Andrew was working at home this morning and we had a bit of a "disagreement". Neither one of us handled it in a very godly way and we ended up having to beg each other's forgiveness. During the course of the discussion I got very frustrated and started to yell and cry. (Gasp! Things are not always sweetness and light?! Most of the time, but not always.) The boys came in shortly afterward and gave me hugs and tried to make me feel better. I was so blessed and yet so convicted by that simple gesture. I thought of all the times that they have acted just as I was acting; frustrated, angry, crying, yelling, pouting, out of control. Do I come alongside and hug and comfort them? I wish I could say that was my normal response. More often than not it just sparks anger and frustration in my own heart and I sternly tell them to remove themselves from the room until they change their attitudes. Granted, they have just as much responsibility as I do to guard their hearts and to weed out any sinful attitudes and actions. I'm not suggesting that I should just pat them on their heads and send them on their way. But I should be much more sympathetic to their struggles and point them to the One that will settle their hearts and set them on the path to righteousness. So as I end my day, my prayer is that, by the grace of God, He will grow me into His likeness and help me share His grace and mercy with my children.

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