Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mom's Meeting

Last night I hosted our homeschool support group's monthly Mom's Meeting. What a wonderful time! Sometimes I get so focused on the minutae of our daily life and I focus too much on my ideals and all the ways we fall short. Getting together with other moms is a reassuring reminder that none of us completely live up to our ideals. There is always room for improvement and that is actually a reassuring thought. How boring life would be if we had "arrived" and there was no more left to learn or no growth to be had. I was also blessed to hear from many of the moms who are homeschooling middle- and high-schoolers. The stories they shared of how their children are maturing spiritually really encouraged me and reminded me that we are a work in progress and my children are on a path that, God willing, will lead them to a life that is deeply fulfilling and committed to the Lord. It is also good to know that I am part of a group of godly women who are so willing to come alongside and mentor those of us who are in the stages of life that they have already survived. They've "been there and done that" and they are willing to share their experience. I praise God for leading us to this group and I'm looking forward to getting even more involved.

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