Friday, May 30, 2008

Our Wild and Crazy Month

As promised, I'm going to try and catch everyone up as to what has been going on in our family over the last several weeks. I'm not really sure where to begin. I suppose the first thing that set things in a tizzy was my meeting with a particular publisher at the GHEA conference. They are interested in having me create lapnotes to go along with some of their curriculum that they publish. It was something that I was putting together for my own children, so I decided to show it to them and they liked it! None of the details have been finalized, but it lit a fire under me so I've been working on mini-books practically non-stop.

We have also gone through a job change for Andrew in the last month. What an amazing blessing from God that has been! His previous employer has been trying to get him to come back to work at United. Andrew was really very happy where he was, but he had enjoyed working at United as well. He kept putting the guy off but he was persistent and finally Andrew agreed to meet with him and hear his proposal. We really didn't think it was the right career choice, but we were joking around and said "What if he comes back with such-and-such ridiculous amount of money, bonus on my accounts, a truck and gas paid for, and medical for our whole family?" We figured we would have to give it some serious thought if this unlikely offer came to the table. Well, the offer was exactly what we had been joking about. Plus, the position was not strictly sales as it had been when he worked there previously. Ron now wanted him to manage the sales staff and the whole construction side of the business. Management is what Andrew is really good at and loves to do. Still, he was hesistant to leave his Project Mangager position. When faced with Andrew's hesitation, Ron upped the weekly salary. After much prayer and consideration, Andrew decided to take the new job and he just started this last Tuesday. He's already got orders rolling in and has signed one new account. We have been so humbled by God's hand in our life this past month!

We have also been looking into putting our house on the market and moving. Although we've decided that now is not the time, we're still working on preparing our house to be ready for sale when the time comes, which has taken up quite a bit of our time as well.

I think that about brings us up to date. I'm currently working on a Gratitude lapbook to emphasise our habits training, so stay tuned...

(P.S. Any suggestions would be warmly welcomed!)

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