Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some Nature Pictures

I have been meaning to post some pictures from various nature adventures, so here they are. The one below was taken at Preacher's mini-farm. The boys love to climb the tree next to the turkey pen. We need to get back up there and see if the baby turkeys have hatched yet.

This was the view from the cabin we rented in the Smokies when my parents were here last. It was so gorgeous!
And here's the baby Pygmy goat that was born last year. He's got his head stuck up through the feeding bin. I guess he thought we might have brought him lunch!

The picture below is of a cricket that we caught in our yard. We learned that they like to eat fruit so we gave him a peeled grape for a snack. Although, seeing as how the grape is about twice the size of the cricket, it would probably be more than a snack!

Well, there's a little taste of some of the nature experiences we've enjoyed during our homeschool days. Hopefully we'll have more to post soon!

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  1. Hi lady =o) Just wanted you to know I really liked your pictures!!
    That little goat is so cute!! Hope all is well with everyone. Hope to see you soon!